About Us



The Planners Consultancy is an International Educational Consulting Organization with excellent credentials that provides value based service for both International Institutes and aspiring students in Pakistan. The Planners Consultancy has successfully completed his 11 years of Success. The Planners has a belief of educating people through international education. We assist international institutes in student recruitment, Market research, institutional tie ups and exploring new business opportunities.


The Planners Consultancy Services is the threshold for one-stop solution for students aspiring to arm themselves with modern day education. At The Planners Consultancy we understand the importance of a student’s decision to study at the highest level and explore their true potential, creating an environment for success by blending our expertise in customer service with specialist education consultants, who have acquired their academic degrees from reputable institutes around the world and have years of experience in dealing with professional world. We strive to equip our clients with the most-efficient plan to suit their educational needs abroad. Keeping in view the high level of competition we have introduced various value- added services, thus starting from the choice of the country to the most suitable institute and further assisting them through lodging services abroad.

We invite you the experience this commitment.